Friday, May 20, 2011

The Devour Cafe!

The Devour Cafe was established way back in the year 2010. Times were different then. Things moved a bit slower. The idea that a grilled panini sandwich Cafe could serve fresh savory slices of heaven at a low price wasn't so revolutionary back in those simpler times.

In the several months that followed it's inception, Devour grew and expanded on it's original mission. Now offering more than just a great place to meet up for a sandwich, Devour incorporated a take-away counter, offering choice in an era of choicelessness, and letting patrons decide if they want to eat in, or grab something for later, whichever they choose.

It's been a long haul. But now looking back, it's safe to say that Devour has established what must be the finest grilled panini sandwich shop ever to be located on Olympic avenue, in front of jerry's and walmart. Conveniently placed in Springfield, offering competitively priced delicious savory sandwiches, Devour has come a long way from it's humble origins. And we are here today to celebrate that fact.


Do you have a Facebook page? Do you use a smartphone to check that page? If you do, next time you're in the Devour Cafe, "check-in" on Devour's Facebook page and show us to receive a sweet dessert treat on the house! Just our way of giving back to those of you who give us so much Facebook love.


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