Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tim Lewis and Sandwiches!

Every week Tim Lewis drives down to our commercial area of Springfield to deliver some awesome photography action.

". . . what can I say? Completely, totally hooked on it. I love creating images, mostly portraits . . . I like moody, highly dramatic pictures . . . with rich, dark blacks and a good amount of tone".

So yeah he usually shoots humans but he can really make a sandwich sing as well. The old VW sofa seems to make a unique backdrop. Coupled with his tools, Tim produces some great textures that pop the food out. He must be digging the efforts since he always eats the subjects.

Epic sandwich shoot in the making! The Devour crew often decides how to cut the sand up and Lewis deals with the aftermath. 

He's got his funky light all set up. Sandwich soon to be devoured after one more trip down the runway.

The finished product. Looking good!


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