Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tour of the Pacori base!

Wood fired roaster for that delicious Pacori flavor!
Dropped in to see our homies Eric and Robert and Eric down at Pacori Coffee today and had a fun tour of the operations. Learned some very cool stuff about coffee roasting. Who knew that there is this crazy flammable skin (Chaff) that flakes off of the beans when roasted? Maybe a good camp fire starter? Definitely some cool compost action. Artistically labled sacks of beans were stacked up and ready to roast. It was the real deal for sure! Thanks for the back up Air Pot fellas. Hopefully no more KIA coffee dispensers.

One of dozens. Green beans ready to fire!

Roaster set up. Afterburner tank in the center to pick up that naturally burnable Chaff .

Eric the Roast Master and Coffee Tech Robert. Pacori Squad!


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