Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Devour Cafe, opens!

The Devour Cafe! Our home base and commissary kitchen, down in the soul of Springfield (2787 Olympic Ave Suite #6). Currently our menu consists of our Devour standards:

Roasted Turkey and Cranberry Mayo with Cheddar
Black Forest Ham and Baby Swiss with Honey Mustard
Port Brined Roast Beef and Horseradish Cheddar 

We're serving specials from the weekly bus menu, as well as Cafe-only creations, which will include meat-free and meat-licious offerings. Soups, beverages, tables, chairs, and a cool bus bench seat await! Dine in or dine out. Our hours are from 11-3 M-F.



  1. Holy crap! This is beyond awesome. Will be there this week. With my camera. And a recycled ToGo bag. Blogging about it tomorrow.

  2. Excellent! This will be my standard post-Jerry's run nosh. Weekend hours?

  3. Random, but are you still doing the Oakshire gig on Saturdays? Trying to plan for food tomorrow--back in town for a couple of weeks, and would love to see you!


  4. Oops sorry to catch your message so late. You probably guessed that no we are longer at Oakshire but we hope to see you some where else soon! Welcome back!