Monday, October 26, 2009

The pratice day!

Today we leave to hand out sands and salads to our homies! Hope we see you out there but if not there will be plenty of second chances.

Devour HQ



  1. so happy to receive a delicious devour treat today. the van looks awesome! took my food to class and got lots of inquiries about my yummy sandwich. can't wait for devour to hit the rest of eugene! thanks again for making my tummy so happy. :)

  2. The sandwich was awesome! I am super excited about Devour's presence in Eugene. Thanks, JP!

  3. Wow! My sandwich was heaven! I couldn't even decipher all the ingredients, but I decided they should always go together on everything I eat. I also made people in my class salivate, and I shared the mint fudge with a classmate who thought is was delish. Thank you for the treat! I can't wait to have another. :)