Monday, August 3, 2009

About Me


My mom's a great cook. My dad's a great cook. I'm a great eater. That's where it all started.

In high school, I got a fry job on a PM line. I was burned, smelled like old grease, and worked 'till the wee hours. I loved it.

Culinary schoolin' while working at a fancy hotel in downtown Seattle. I flipped eggs on room-service duty and peeled carrot after carrot after carrot...

Then I was in Boston prepping away at the most delicious restaurants in town. Tales and teachings only the Atlantic side could serve.

Back in the Northwest and heading up the smallest kitchens ever! Slicing cases of mushrooms, degreasing my tiny convection oven, blanching spaetzle, whisking fondue and then to the butcher shop to crack bones, learn the way of the butcher, and study the food business.

Then one night something snaps. Ideas go from my ‘dream’ lobe to my ‘do’ lobe. They touch the mental pedal. I awake and fears sizzle away.

I know what I need to do.
I know how to do it.
And I call it DEVOUR!

Contact me:
____twitter: devoureugene
____facebook: DEVOUR
____or call: 541-556-0829


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